It's not exactly news at this point; but we opened our second cafe in June. The new location is on Main and 13th.

Interesting things about the new cafe:

  • it's approximately 3X the size of the cafe on 4th Ave.
  • we make doughnuts there! Our little side project is called, "Lucky's Doughnuts"
  • the doughnuts are really good!
  • with the patio, it's around 100 seats.
  • there's parking in the back.
  • it will be our hub for classes and training sessions shortly
  • it houses the first Kees van der Westen "Spirit" espresso machine in the country.
  • we've got the espresso bar, as well as a full hand-brew bar, as well as batch brewed filter coffee
  • we announced the opening at dinnertime the night before; there were a few people waiting out front at 7 when we opened the doors.
  • we've already extended the hours. We're 07:00 to 22:00 Monday to Saturday and 07:30-20:00 on Sunday.
  • 5 years ago we started planning, and 2 years ago, doughnut man, Colter Jones started taking pastry and doughnut courses
  • it was 5 full months of construction
  • and there's doughnuts