It is pretty exciting writing 2013, knowing we have a lot of things to look forward to in this new year! What first comes to mind, is of course the plans about opening a new cafe in Kitsilano, Vancouver, which will take us through another spring with construction work, planning and training for the staff. We will also have Lucky's doughnuts made on-site. Needless to say perhaps, we all ate more doughnuts than we ever thought we would want last year, and they keep coming out with even better flavor combinations! Look out for doughnut and coffee pairings for our free, public events throughout the spring in our Main Street cafe! 

For me, as a green coffee buyer, I almost always think mostly about coffee, so that is how I remember the year that just passed, and how I look forward to the year ahead. We are now looking forward to starting our third year working with many of our excisting producing partners through our Direct Trade program, as well as a few partners we have worked even longer with! As we are about to roast through the very last bits of many of last year's coffees, harvest has started in full most places in Central America, and we are just about to start seeing samples from Ethiopia and Kenya. From the third week of January, we will be on the ground, visiting and cupping. First stop will be El Salvador, where we will spend time with Emilio Lopez Diaz at El Manzano, visit the Pacas family's many farms around Santa Ana, and visiting some new projects in Apaneca. Follow this website for updates on origins and coffees, and of course follow one of our twitter accounts: @49thparallel @49thcafe @49thgreen @luckysdoughnuts

Happy new year from all of us at 49th Parallel Roasters!