About Us

Located in the temperate Pacific Northwest, in Vancouver, British Columbia, 49th Parallel endeavours to source the world's finest coffee beans and roast them to satisfy discerning palates.

49th Parallel Coffee RoastersĀ® produces custom roasted coffee beans that are roasted to the best quality and tailored specifically to the customers needs. With a true passion and dedication for specialty coffee, 49th Parallel is committed to providing excellence in its product and service.

49th Parallel is committed to offering only the freshest, highest quality coffee to our customers. Every batch of green coffee is carefully roasted by Master Roaster Michael Piccolo to bring out its preeminent qualities.

Michael and Vince travel around the world to meet directly with the farmers at their coffee farms in order to develop relationships that create a better future for everyone involved. We set ethical standards with our direct relationship program and pay a special premium that is above the Fair Trade price standard. The resulting discoveries from our efforts are proudly brought back to North America for you and your customers to enjoy.

Every coffee is meticulously cupped and carefully evaluated. No exceptions.

"We love creating something from organic. We have to take this green coffee that is grown thousands of miles away, we bring it in and then we have to develop it into something fine that our customers will love. We roast and sample every coffee that comes in here. Absolutely every coffee has to be cupped."

Vince Piccolo